If you’re responsible for managing a building or premises in the Peterborough area, you’ll know that fire protection is one of the responsibilities that falls to you.

It can be tempting to carry out your own fire risk assessments and make your own decisions about the fire protection needed in your building, especially if you’re under pressure to keep costs down. However, this can prove to be a false economy if you’re not technically trained and experienced in fire protection. Equally, it’s risky for you – Peterborough landlords and business owners can be fined or even sent to prison for failing to have adequate fire risk assessments and safety measures in place.

Getting your fire protection plan wrong can lead to serious consequences – potentially putting people’s lives at risk and placing the fabric of the building you care for in jeopardy.

Fire protection is a professional and skilled task, and so it’s a good idea to call in a reputable Peterborough fire protection company to assess the fire safety of your premises and recommend any remedial work that needs to be carried out.

For example, a fire protection professional won’t just understand the way fire spreads or potential weak spots that could lead to increased fire damage, but they’ll also know the human behaviour that causes fire and how people behave when a fire breaks out.

This means your Peterborough fire protection professional will have the know-how to spot potential areas of risk and to recommend and implement appropriate fire protection improvements.