At Pro.Tek Group, our mission is to be the fire protection company of choice for our clients. Our aim is to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We’re guided by our core values and are committed to delivering excellence through our culture, our drive and the expertise of each individual team member.

We are a skilled and experienced team of fire risk assessors and service contractors. Together, we make buildings safer to occupy and protect property by limiting damage in case of fire.




Our highly experienced fire risk assessors will check and report on your fire equipment and systems, ensuring they are fit for purpose and compliant with the Building Code and Standards. Based in Peterborough, many of our staff are local installers who we recruit for their commitment to excellence.

You can be sure any of our team who comes to your property will be competent, well-motivated, highly trained and committed. We invest in our people, and are proud to have such a skilled and expert workforce who will always optimise the use of available working hours and continually work to improve performance and exceed individual and company targets.

We offer a complete range of fire protection services, beginning with consultation and advice, and covering everything up to quotations and installations. These are just some of the individual services we offer:

Fire risk assessments

Fire prevention advice

Corrective maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Regular scheduled systems servicing

Increasing system life expectancy and reducing long-term operating costs.

Design services


Using the latest technologies and tools

Technical solutions


With minimal disruption to your business.

Passive fire protection systems

With minimal disruption to your business.

Fire doors

And more...

The design and installation of an effective fire protection system requires sound industry expertise, strong project management skills and highly trained field staff. At Pro.Tek Group we offer these three critical elements as part of our specialist design and installation service.
Timescales and processes will vary according to the project and your needs, but in general you can expect the following stages:


We’ll carry out a survey of your building or facility to determine the area of risk.


The survey will be followed by a works programme, which outlines the materials, equipment and processes required to deliver a solution that will best manage the risks we’ve identified. This will also show you how each activity relates to the main works schedule.


Our installation team will work to the agreed plans and specifications to install all the components of your fire protection system. Importantly, they’ll also ensure that all components are integrated correctly for the seamless operation of the overall system.

We’re based in Peterborough and predominantly serve clients in the South-East and East Anglia, including Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. However, we can and do work nationally, proudly serving clients who wish to take advantage of our industry-leading fire protection services.

Unlike many of our competitors, we’re not tied to any particular brands, products or systems. That means you can be sure our expertise isn’t limited to one brand, and we can give genuinely objective advice about what will meet your needs. We won’t try to fit your requirements into the specifications of a given system – rather, we’ll find the systems or products that exactly meet your requirements.
Our field staff and project managers are very knowledgeable about the latest products and systems. Whatever the project, whether it’s a complex new installation or an upgrade to your existing fire system, our design engineers and project managers will tailor an integrated solution that’s perfect for your facility. Of course we’ll already work closely with any other contractors, architects or consultants you may already have on board.
All this means you can choose Pro.Tek Group with confidence.

Our clients

Pro.Tek Group is proud to serve a wide range of different types of clients, including the following:

Schools & Colleges

Care homes

Housing associations

Including residential properties such as blocks of flats.

Hotels & Restaurants

Offices & Council premises

Medical premises

Retail premises