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How Diamond Drilling Works

Diamond Drilling is a high precision form of Core Drilling, allowing for exact hole measurements and unparalleled depth control. The system utilises core bits fitted with a diamond impregnated cutting face to create precise, measured holes. These holes can be drilled through a wide range of hard wearing materials such as reinforced concrete, brickwork, blockwork, masonry and rock.

Diamond Drills are lightweight, versatile and can be operated in either a vertical or horizontal direction; to a wide range of jobs. ​As a precision instrument, a Diamond Drill can create clean, precise holes anywhere between 8mm to more than 1500mm in diameter. Due to their non-percussive rotary action, structural integrity is maintained throughout when in operation. Furthermore, water controls ensure that the workspace remains free of dust.

We carry out diamond core drilling for penetrations up to 1m in diameter and to depths of up to 4m as standard. Special diameters and greater depths are available on request.

For very large or irregular openings, we offer stitch drilling, making a series of overlapping holes to cut through concrete of any thickness. Using this method, we have successfully cut openings through and removed various structures, from door openings in heavily reinforced bank vaults, to openings in deep concrete slabs for pile installation.

Key Features

Lightweight and versatile equipment

Hole sizes from 8mm - over 1500mm

Low noise output plus dust and vibration free drilling

The most precise method of drilling service penetrations

Dry drilling available where required

Range of power sources (electric, hydraulic, or compressed air)

High performance automated rigs

New slurry containment and re-cycling systems allows wet drilling in finished areas

Structural integrity maintained due to non-percussive techniques

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